Top Management Techniques

irv-holmes-managerWhen you are managing people no matter the size you need to have certain basics under your belt so you can be seen an effective leader and gain respect. There are plenty of ways to show that you’re the boss but there’s even more way to mess it all up for yourself. It really all boils down to basic thinking and putting that into action. You have learned some of the best management techniques ever since you were young and they were re-enforced when you went to college and put in a business setting. The techniques you will read about below will give you a better understand of how to manage properly in your business.


A good manager and leader treats all his/her subordinates equally. Everyone has had a job or two where the manager has a clear favorite among the group and they were treated vastly different than the other employees. This creates animosity, jealousy, and ultimately affects the way the department and company are run at a certain level. A good manager must keep the playing field level, create healthy competition, and be fair with all employees.


Always keeping the same level of consistency is key to any good manager repertoire. There needs to be the same consistency for all people in the group you are managing. An example of this would be if an employee asks to leave early for a doctor’s appointment. Now you are more often than not obligated to do this for everyone as you have set the precedent that it is ok to leave early for other circumstances.


The best managers always encourage open and honest feedback and communication between their employees and themselves. They also encourage new ideas from everyone in their department. Sometimes new ideas can bloom seemingly out of nowhere, and sometimes those ideas can make a real difference in the growth of the company. Its vital that a manager is there to discuss the ideas and views an employee has so that they can do their job better and better serve the company.


Empowering your team is one of the most important things you can do as a manager. Having your team confident and knowing that they are helping to grow the business is a massive advantage that every manager strives for but not every manager achieves. It isn’t always the easiest thing for people but it is highly beneficial. Give your employees more responsibilities, allow them to pursue projects, and give them the tools they need to succeed and grow themselves personally and professionally, and everything will come back to a healthy and sustainable business.


This technique relates directly to knowing your audience. Most often you will not write or speak the exact same phrases that you come up with in your head. The proper messaging in an organization is a key trait to have as a manager or someone of authority. Certain messages need to be handled carefully and delicately, but also need to be honest. The last thing you want is employees feeling that they weren’t told the truth because you doctored your words too much. Be honest and keep the framework positive.


Thanks for reading!

Irv Holmes