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Irv Holmes - Irv Holmes - How to Earn Respect as a Leader

How to Earn Respect as a Leader

Being a leader is difficult on its own. What makes the job even harder is when your employees do not respect you. Respect in the workplace is one of the most important aspects of creating a healthy, motivational work environment. But how does one earn that respect? If you are in a leadership position, you have no doubt earned that… Read more →

Irv Holmes - How to Inspire Your Team

How to Inspire Your Team

Inspiration. How exactly does one muster up the personality and necessary skills to make a team want to work harder? All managers are faced with this dilemma throughout their tenure, but only great managers can overcome it. For some, it comes naturally; for others, these may be acquired skills. Regardless of how they are achieved, they are crucial in making… Read more →

Irv Holmes - Mistakes Managers Make

Mistakes Managers Make

Managing a company of any size can be incredibly stressful. From ensuring client and employee needs are met to overseeing the company’s finances to numerous meetings, it’s a wonder that anything can get done in a day. Unfortunately, sometimes, as managers, we can let the work get the better of us, or become blind to mistakes that hurt office morale.… Read more →

The Most Influential Entrepreneurs of the 21st Century

  Within the last couple of decades, entrepreneurship has taken off. Entrepreneurs are some of the most influential people in the world, creating businesses and inventions that can benefit people everywhere. Everyone is familiar with names like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, the inventors of Microsoft and Apple, respectively, but here are some lesser known (and some not) entrepreneurs who… Read more →


Are You a Boss or a Leader?

  Being an effective manager can have a great impact on your organization’s employees and overall success. However, there are two types of management styles; being a boss and being a leader. A leadership management role may take more personal effort and time, while contributing to growth to the organization. Holding a role as a regular boss however, can have… Read more →

Finding Strong Candidates For Your Board

  Does your company have a board of directors? For companies that are not publicly traded, there is no legal obligation to create a board of directors or advisory board. Often, new startups come right out of the gate with a board of directors built-in, full of mentors, advisors, and investors/VC guidance, but some middle-market and large companies are seeing… Read more →

Attracting Management Talent for Middle Market Companies

  The economy has growth, and the job market is better now than it has been in years. Finding top talent has never been an easy proposition, but with startup companies filled with perks like indoor basketball courts and catered lunches, and the salaries afforded by larger companies, how do you compete? The National Center for the Middle Market said that… Read more →

Intrinsic Rewards in the Workplace.

  Motivational dynamics in a modern workplace have changed drastically with new working requirements, labor laws, and different worker expectations. Recent research explains the most important change has been the rise in the importance and weight of emotional (or intrinsic) rewards with the decline of of material (or extrinsic) rewards. Where did the popularity of intrinsic rewards come from, and… Read more →


Human Resource Best Practices

Everybody is familiar with the human resource department of an organization. Typically the human resource department runs a lot of work in a company that most people aren’t privy to. This work can consist of bringing on new employees, handling current employees affairs (payroll, insurance plans, etc), and overall management of foundation level processes among many other responsibilities. Just as… Read more →


Tips for Your Business in 2016

I know it is only October but it’s never too early to start preparing for the next steps in your business. 2016 is right around the corner and it’s important to keep your eye on the prize when it comes to setting your business, your employees, and yourself up for success. Time to get everyone excited for wrapping up the year strong and starting the next one even strong. In this article you’ll find a few tips that i’ve found quite helpful and very important. Read more →