Popular Marketing Techniques

marketingWhen operating a company there are many ways to positively impact your business using solid marketing techniques that have worked for many years and will continue to work far into the future. There are tons of ways to promote your business day in and day out to help your business flourish and my goal here is to shine a light on a few of the best techniques for your reference.

Social Media:

Social media has helped businesses small, medium, and large, get their word out there for all to see. Social media allows companies and individuals to express their thoughts on various issues or events with ease and share it across the world with one click. It is an extremely powerful tool, and one that needs to be used with responsibility. Some companies have really excelled with their use of social media and have responded to customers or clients rapidly. Take JetBlue for instance, they have been widely regarded as one of the best in the business when it comes to reaching out via social networks and making a real difference to those who have questions, comments, or complaints in some cases.

Referral Networks:

It is invaluable to have a strong referral network at your disposal. Take every opportunity to grow your networks because one way or another good things will comes around in your direction. You never know, you may have made friends with the owner of a shop down the street and he sends more business your way because you carry something he doesn’t. If you ever find yourself too busy to take a job, refer it to someone else and more often than not, your good favor will be returned.

Follow Up With People:

Something I learned at a very young age was that I was not the center of attention. How does that play into marketing techniques you might ask. Following up on an email or phone call is a necessary part of daily life for people and businesses because many times people find themselves loaded down with work and might not have had the chance to return your email. It’s extremely important not to assume that people have read your email right after you’ve sent it and follow up with folks regarding any inquiries or comments.

Cold Calling:

I know and understand a lot of people may be opposed to the idea of cold calling and undertaking the telemarketer technique. The fact of the matter is there are plenty of people that are out there that may not know of your product or service and are not in the position to learn about it. What could facilitate a sale or a meaningful professional relationship may be provoked by a nice phone call from a warm spirited employee. I have found this method to work many times and actually has been seen to promote creativity and adaptability in regards to the employees on the phone.

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